BlackHaty Privacy Ploicy & Terms of use


Accounts & Data

Linked Social Media Accounts

  • BlackHaty Never Asks For Account Passwords.
  • BlackHaty Never Share Your Data or linked accounts attached to any 3rd party.
  • BlackHaty has the right to Terminate or Unlink Any Account if reported as spam.
  • Promotions never harm your account in any way , you reach people targeted for your account sharing same interests so they are more likely to enngage .
  • BlackHaty Saves Account Data Fully Encrypted Safely to make sure your information is safe.

Payments & Refunds

Deposits and Internal Transactions

  • Deposits is NON-Refundable After Being Deposited to the system using (Paypal or Bitcoin).
  • Your Online Balance is Yours and can be used in any internal transaction for purchasing services.
  • Services and internal order to be refunded in case of customer un-satisfaction , your satisfaction is the main goal here.